Hey! How are you doing? Thank you for coming to check out the music. If you are into Roots Rock Americana you are in the right place!
We play songs that delve into rock, country, folk  and blues. Enjoy what you see and hear.


Opening slots and finishing the new record 2015 looking strong!  

The David Cook (American Idol Winner) show was a great success. We filled the remaining seats and the house was packed. It was a great night meeting, making new fans and seeing some old familiar faces. I am so grateful for the support. The fourth record has entered the "rough final  mix" stage and should be wrapped up before April 1, with a late spring release scheduled. A strong start to 2015 for sure. 
There are some exciting possibilites in the months ahead.  As they unfold I will share the details and hope to see you in the not too distant future as we keep moving through 2015 and beyond! 

 Be well,

In the studio...Update on the new record 

So for the last few months I have been in the studio recording a new record. So far we have about  eight tracks with the full band Mark Barden, Mark Bridgman and Stuart Stahr. We went in and recorded live (we all played at the same time) which just seems the right way to do it. I also recorded 9 solo tracks just acoustic and vocal. We are working up the final selection of songs, putting final touches on and getting final mixes. We are looking to release the record in early 2015.

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Artie Tobia ~ Alone&Acoustic

Muscoot Tavern, 105 Somerstown Road, Somers NY 10598


Artie Tobia ~ Alone & Acoustic doing songs from The Parade, Still in The Way, Chase The Sun as well as some new ones and some of your old favorites.