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Aberdeen places in Top 10 

I am very excited and proud of this selection from Alternate Root Magazine. Please enjoy the write up and click on the link below the article to return the support of indie artists by joining them on Social Media.

The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday August 15, 2015 kicks off with Patty Griffin offering a track from her Servant of Love album (9-25-15) with the cut “Rider of Days”. Patty tops a list that showcases new music from releases hitting the streets this fall, including music from The Bottle Rockets with “Monday (Everytime I Turn Around”) on South Broadway Athletic Club (10-2-15), and Son Little with “Lay Down”) on Son Little (10-16-15). The chart features new music from August 2015 releases with tracks from The White Buffalo and his album Love and the Death of Damnation , Whitney Rose on the title track from her release, Heartbreaker of the Year, The Tallent Brothers offering “There’s a Spirit” from Back on the Old Stuff,  and Jackie Greene with “Silver Lining” found on his release, Back to Birth. Galactic welcome in JJ Grey on the track “Higher and Higher” and Artie Tobia dreams of “Aberdeen” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, August 15, 2015.

10 Aberdeen - Artie Tobia (from the album Aberdeen) - 
Artie Tobia paints a dreamscape with words and music in “Aberdeen”, the title track from his most recent release. Artie walks with the white wolf following the circle of a red hawk as he watches the moon rise to bring on the night.

Listen and buy “Aberdeen” by Artie Tobia from AMAZON or iTunes



Aberdeen... Thank You! 

 I am overwhelmed and grateful for the volume of first day sales of Aberdeen.The response was greater than I could have ever imagined. Please click the play bar on the bottom to listen to the title track Aberdeen, so you know what you are buying before you make you purchase. The purchase simply click the album cover up above.       Below is the interior back side of the front cover. AGAIN... thank you ... thank you ... thank you!!!  
Please spread the word and share this with anyone you think might be interested in supporting independent music.

Aberdeen goes to production house.. sneak peek! 

As shocking as it seems to me it has been nine years since my last record.

I am excited to announce that my fourth record has made it to the production house and will be released in the Fall of 2015. Started last July at the Loft Studios in Bronxville NY with Al Hemberger at the board and the full band ( Mark Barden, Mark Bridgman, Stuart Stahr and myself ) in the room we ran off a set of songs in performance style, recording the tracks live as we played them. Nicole Alifante added some sweet harmony vocals and Kevin Meyers added some keyboard touches. The album captures a set of  nine songs ( I suppose one for each year) that we added over the years since the release of Chase The Sun.
Co Produced by myself  and Al Hemberger with Stuart Stahr serving as  Associate Producer it was a total team effort bringing the songs together sonically. I feel, for the first time that we truly captured my voice. The stories, as always are present and in the forefront of each song.

Stayed tuned for the drop date and more information about where you can purchase your copy of Aberdeen.

All artwork once again done by Brent Pruner.

Thanks for your interest and support,

 be well,

New record is wrapping up 

I am very excited that the new record is in the final mastering process (putting on the final polish). It has been a delight working with Al Hemberger at the Loft Studios in Bronxville NY which has quite a roster of artists who have worked there. The new record features the band as we have been for the last seven years, with Mark Bridgman on bass, Stuart Stahr on drums and Mark Barden on guitar. There are a couple of special guests who join us,adding some texture and dynamics to the record.  I genuinely feel that it is my best collection of songs by far. The tentative release date will be June1st. More details to follow... title, preview, artwork.

Opening slots and finishing the new record 2015 looking strong!  

The David Cook (American Idol Winner) show was a great success. We filled the remaining seats and the house was packed. It was a great night meeting, making new fans and seeing some old familiar faces. I am so grateful for the support. The fourth record has entered the "rough final  mix" stage and should be wrapped up before April 1, with a late spring release scheduled. A strong start to 2015 for sure. 
There are some exciting possibilites in the months ahead.  As they unfold I will share the details and hope to see you in the not too distant future as we keep moving through 2015 and beyond! 

 Be well,

In the studio...Update on the new record 

So for the last few months I have been in the studio recording a new record. So far we have about  eight tracks with the full band Mark Barden, Mark Bridgman and Stuart Stahr. We went in and recorded live (we all played at the same time) which just seems the right way to do it. I also recorded 9 solo tracks just acoustic and vocal. We are working up the final selection of songs, putting final touches on and getting final mixes. We are looking to release the record in early 2015.

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