The Artie Tobia Band

Artie is able to deliver his lyric driven songs with emotion and conviction supported by his fabulous band as they weave in and out of the stories , characters and the emotions of everyday real people that he writes about.

Delivering their brand of Americana the Artie Tobia Band features the rhythm section of Stuart Stahr (on drums and background vocals), along with Mark Bridgman (on bass and background vocals). Mark Barden adds texture to the songs with his guitar work and background vocals.

The band has developed a considerable reputation for their live shows and original material that share its roots with the likes of the Allman Brother’s, Cash, Petty, Springsteen and Mellencamp among others.

Artie Tobia Band is a five time (’08- ’12)Best of The Gold Coast winner.

Artie ranges in styles with his own writings and performances giving him a broad appeal to music fans of all ages and gender, enabling him to develop an international presence generating CD sales, media attention and building a fan base across the U.S. and other countries around the world.


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Chase The Sun

In this album, “Chase The Sun”, Artie Tobia has penned a musical novel giving us a glimpse into the semi-fictional life of the Vagabond.

“In many ways the Vagabond served as a surrogate for my own life ” says Tobia. The story unfolds over thirteen song chapters, revealing a flawed man on a journey with dreams, passions, and romantic notions. He is everybody out there “searching for the sweet life.”

“Chase the Sun” grew from the reality that life has many surprises, disappointments and triumphs. Love found, love lost. Dreams dashed, dreams realized. Freedom. Longing. Life and death. They are there for all of us. But they are not what shape us so much as the meaning that we give to them.

Enjoy the ride and never stop chasing the sun….buy the CD for $15

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The Parade

The Parade is a diverse collection of stories about people, places and events. The title track is an emotional struggle between hope and anger over what is and what should be.

A trip through Memphis and a dying woman from Texas introduce us to some of the people with whom our storyteller has crossed paths. A carefree summertime romp in Dogwood Tree Blues allows the listener to shift gears and maintain interest. Flowers of Evil is a direct hit on the tragedies that our young people face today as well as society’s pains.

The closing tune, a goodbye from a son to his father is sure to leave some listeners wanting for more. It is a slice of Americana, a blend of rock, folk, country and blues, sure to appeal to a broad range of listener… the CD for $15

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Still In The Way

In early ’89 Artie Tobia formed Five O’clock Shadow, the name coming from a late night conversation in a local tavern with his friend Joe. As with many bands it went through a few incarnations over the coming weeks and months but finally the line up solidified.
After the first gig in the storied Greenwich Village things moved quickly.Playing anywhere they could, they built a loyal following through one thing… the music.The driving guitar of Tim Fitzgerald punctuated the raspy blues solid vocals of Artie Tobia. Complimented by the dynamic and tight groove of the rhythm section of Bob “Baboom” Petti on bass and Rob Garcia on drums it all comes together in a magical way…..

Lyrical content that is reflective of the smoldering and seductive world that is out there.

The songs will carry you through lost love, the seedy underworld of drug pushers, lost souls on the street, evocative women that can blind a man’s judgment, broken hearts and some good old lustful thinking…

Like in Mexico which tells the story of a man who will drive all the way South of the Border just to get his…. Or Sweet Heat which drips with fanciful burning desires for a man’s new dish…

Crazy Mary was an acquaintance of the band and it tells the tale of her fall from the corporate world to the streets of New York City.

Among other highlights is the title track Still In the Way.

A song which begs for an understanding and answer from a confused lover…it is a classic rock blues tune…….buy the CD for $15

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