“…and the Artie Tobia Band had festival goers dancing in the streets.”         C.P.Goldberg   Patch.com June6,2011


THE QUIET CORNER, by Robert Barry Francos

 The Quiet Corner Best of2008

By Robert Barry Francos 

 January 2008 One of Jersey Beat’s most popular columns returns as Robert Barry Francos sifts through a year’s worth of, well, quieter stuff – acoustic albums, singer/songwriters, folk and world music, along with a little rock n roll.


It’s bands like 5 O’CLOCK SHADOW who make me wonder if the Fillmore ever really did close. “Still in the Way” is solid Blues-based rock (aka “Classic Rock”), with a strong guitar, smoky vocals, and plenty of wail, both vocally and musically.

Taken from a lost tape from 1991, vox/guitarist Artie Tobia manages to bring back the past on multiple levels. Thing is, they make it sound like it’s the musical franca lingua of the day, as if it never went away (of course, with so many classic rock stations around, has it?). If there were a time warp, these guys would easily be sharing a stage with all those British and West Coast bands. Perhaps they’re a bit too mellow for the likes of Led Zeppelin, but Bill Graham would have loved them.



Artie has developed a reputation as a hardworking performer that never grows tired of the show or the fans.
… and his songs consisting of deep, heart-felt lyrics rich in imagery, contain something for everyone. The Parade, brings a slice of Americana to the city with its diverse story telling and blend of rock, country, folk and blues.
When, I heard Artie Tobia performing at Coffeehouse with The Traveling Songwriters Show, I was struck by his honesty and energy…
                                                                 ~ Benjamin Howe
                                                 Concordiensis, Union College
Reviewer: Nina Ihnken said…… “This was the first time I heard this band. It definitely will not be the last! The music was a cool, smooth mix of rock & blues, reminescent of early 70s’ bands. The paradox: It was like a trip down memory lane with new original music.”
“The way these guys jam together is as natural as Mother Earth herself. If you ever get the chance to see them perform together live, youre in for a fantastic musical experience!”
                                                                Sharsmiles NYC    
                                        on A Five O’Clock Shadow Show
Artie Tobia is a street poet…he certainly deserves a listening more than once, and don’t be surprised to find yourself recommending his collection to a friend. The word deserves to be spread.
                                                                        ~ Charlie Lore
                                                                           Petry TV
I hear so many stories in these songs. I also hear Artie Tobia’s voice on Mercy Right (Mercy Right, Mercy Right, I need you tonight) resound with emotion and intelligence.
…Artie is reaching down in himself and giving you everything.
                                                        ~ Mark Damon Puckett
                                              Main Attractions Productions
This man can write some stories. Yes. That being said Artie Tobia has the expressive qualities in his voice that can only come from knowing he is singing his songs, his way. The Parade has diverse mix of country-folk, rockers, some R & B and a swingy blues number.
                                                     ~ Alternate Country .com
“The Parade has a touch of blues stirred in with a southern rock feel. It kind of reminds me of John Mellencamp.”
                                                         The  Muse’s Muse
” Artie Tobia comes from a talented gene pool, part Bruce Springsteen, part Delbert Mclinton.”
Jim Clarke
                                                         ~ Lee County Courier   
The Parade features deeply personal songs… describing moments of American realism such as those sung by Bruce Springsteen.
~ Alex Halperin
Standard Star/Journal News NY
It’s a very fine CD with a lot of superb songs like Mercy Wright, The Parade, Time We Spent in Memphis, Sam’s Song, Fifty Dollar Bill and more..There are many influences like Americana, Roots, Country, Blues and Southern
                                                           ~ Joachim Domrath
                                    Home of Rock Magazine ~ Germany




Artie Tobia Band…Best Live Music in NYC… tuesday nights

I am a musicaholic….I go out weekly listening to the” best ” live music in the city. I am a regular in all the “music venues”. I have never been inclined to write about a band or artist I have seen. The other night I was not out looking for music but stumbled upon Turtle Bay by chance… the sound of the band playing drew me in from down the street. WHAT I DISCOVERED RIGHT THERE IN THE FRONT WINDOW WAS THE BEST LIVE MUSIC IN NYC… THE BAND ABSOLUTELY HAD ….”IT”….turns out… they are there every tuesday night .. for the last 11 years… I especailly liked their original music… I even bought all three of their cd’s… no disappointment there either….check them out if you want to hear some great acoustic rock -n – blues music. The guitarist is great…. the rhythm section smokes and the leader of the band sings with the passion and conviction of a man who has lives every word he sings.     



Sept. ’08