Thank You~ Hill of Beans Newsletter ~ Part II

Thank You….. 

August 1, 2011

What a July… FUSE TV, Watercolor Cafe, WPKN, Wolf Den, Best of the Gold Coast and Sound Magazine…very cool… thank you to all of you… for coming out, tuning in, casting a vote or whatever else you may have done. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Artie Tobia Band Going National


July 1, 2011

1.Check out the new free download of Vagabond on my web site for the month of June as it plays on FuseTV. It is a live previously unreleased version.

2.The Faces of War video topped out at #35 on Neil Young’s Living With War Today web site.

 3.Got Artie?

Have you created an Artie Tobia Station on Pandora Radio?

Go there. Do that. Play it at the office, at home on your phone!

Listen on Pandora Radio

4.Time We Spent in Memphis in The Memphis Rock and Soul Museum

Ask me about it!

5. ATB ~ Wolf Den ~ Mohegan Sun ~ July 18, 2011 ~ 9pm




An exciting 2010 for ATB… making strides

December 20,2010

Take a read through, make a comment, share your thoughts, pass it along to whoever you think may be interested.

Most importantly thank you for the interest and support throughout the year.

None of it is possible without you!


I remember way back in April sending out an e mail announcing my first show at the storied Towne Crier. A genuine music venue that has presented the finest in live roots rocks over its forty year history with such talent as Richie Havens, The Subdudes, Derek Trucks Band, Lucinda Williams, Randy Newman, Allison Krauss and Union Station, Dr. John, many many more and now Artie Tobia

That April email also carried the promise of the Towne Crier show being the first of many exciting musical happenings! Well that proved out pretty well. Simultaneous to that email being  sent I was in California where I had just made my west coast debut in a small little venue in Pacific Beach,  just outside of San Diego. I was curious how I would be received in a room where I knew absolutely no one. People were gracious and supportive in their interest and enthusiasm of me and my music. It was a great experience!

Over the next few months the shows began to gain some momentum.


After that successful supporting solo show at the Towne Crier, the next stop was the Artie Tobia Band at the Watercolor Café for a show in May. The Watercolor Cafe is a “genuine listening room” where you can actually listen to the music and hear the lyric in this showcase style venue featuring mostly singer/songwriters like Sloan Wainwright and Ellis Paul and others who are on the cusp of national fame. A little venue that comes to life when the lights come down and the music begins.


June started at the Palace Theater with La Bruja delivering her poetry as she had done on HBO’s Def Poetry Slam and Andrew Kennedy making them laugh up and down the aisle showing why he was voted #12  for Comedy Central’s top 20 comedians.

ATB had the honor of closing the “Night of the Arts” show for the near capacity crowd.

The very next day we were at Harbor Fest where we were well received and sold a whole boatload (Get it? Harbor Fest)  of cd’s as well as t shirts!

June ended with a split bill show with the Matt Rae Trio, telecaster extraordinaire and the Artie Tobia Band back at the Towne Crier.



In July we got some time to get into the storied Montana Studios in NYC where a host of luminaries have recorded over the years. We shot a live performance video,with Emmy Award winning cameraman Dwight Brugo, in the very same room where Dylan shot his tribute to Johnny Cash. We are currently editing and mixing that footage to be used for promotion of the band as we try to venture into bigger and better venues. We also had the live audio recording mixed by Emmy Nominated Robert L. Smith. When the editing is done we will make a decision about a DVD release of the performance.

In July we also celebrated winning our third year in a row, the Best of the Gold Coast Award . Our performance at the Best of the Gold Coast Awards Celebration was well received. 

Brent Pruner on acoustic guitar joined Stuart Stahr on percussion  for a trio treatment of a set of ATB songs.


In August we were invited to be part of the Live@BestBuy music series which is a home for independent artists to showcase their talent and engage music fans through Best Buy stores. We once again broke out the trio for the  ‘in store’ performance at Best Buy in Chelsea NYC.


We took a well deserved rest to begin working on some behind the scenes business for a big 2011. We are looking for bigger venues, festivals,  film and television song placement  as well as some other business opportunities.

Do you know any club owners? Booking Agents? Producers or Music Supervisors?


A return to the Live@Best Buy Music Series this time in Columbus Circle NYC selling cd’s and signing a few autographs.

I made another debut in Chicago at the Gallery Cabaret. It was a great room w ith a whole cast of characters!

We did two benefits shows one for the Yorktown Teen Center up at the Putnam National Golf Club and one for Kids Activities at Route 22 where we started 2010 doing the benefit for Haiti Concert .

I  played a multi bill at Petey Hop’s Original Showcase

I also sang on my first jingle. It airs out in California!

Man! October was a busy month.


We had the first of several meetings to determine a path for a new release in 2011. Additionally, Chase the Sun became available on Pandora Radio.

Go create an Artie Tobia station and listen for free.


We launched this fabulous new web site! We made a decision to begin recording in January of 2011.

Can you help ATB  move the music to the next level?

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and my best for a great and prosperous new year!

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